Gallery of Contemporary Art M 17

The Gallery of Contemporary Art is one of the most creative places in Kiev. The gallery takes up considerable space, the lighting is arranged in such a way that it illuminates all corners of the room, the walls are painted in neutral colors. The gallery is a modern, versatile space. It can host several exhibitions at the same time, different in their style and artistic concept. The M17 studio team positions itself as a place for intellectuals. The building has a cinema hall, a theater, concert hall. On weekends and free time, you can spend a good time by visiting the M17 Contemporary Art Studio. You can have a good time here. The gallery represents different areas of contemporary art – photography, design, music, architecture.

The STARTER company helps in organizing exhibitions. Produces advertising media – banners, flyers, business cards. STARTER took an active part in advertising the exhibitions of Lina Condes, Babi Yar and the creation of the site itself.

M17 exhibition Niko Sturm 2016 Kiev

Babi Yar

Black earth


Yana Lande


Olga Bosak

Anatol Galickji

Art Cafe


Galic Peremishlev

Irma Sharikadze

Paper Daemon

Roman Minin

Tomasik Mihail

Ukr pat plakat

Volodimir Kabanchenko



Wrapping paper


Invitation, pencils


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