Ukrainian land, “Chernozem” in the works of Niko Sturm

An exhibition of the famous Austrian artist of Ukrainian origin Niko Sturm was presented in the gallery of modern art M17 in Kiev.

With the help of the STARTER company, this exhibition was popularized in Kiev. STARTER specialists made a large banner, created an advertisement, flyers, artist’s business cards.

The exhibition entitled “Chernozem” was interestingly presented by the artist’s paintings. The paintings reflected not only the artist’s style, but also the main idea of ​​the exhibition. Land is the main wealth of the country. Niko Sturm expressed his impressions of Ukraine in black, the color of the earth, the main wealth and capital of Ukraine. Fertile soils, black earth, Ukraine occupy most of the state of the country. In the paintings, black soil is poured onto the canvas and stands out sharply with its black color. Color, namely paint in these paintings carries a metaphorical, semantic meaning. The abstract image in the paintings carries a great semantic load. What is Chernozem for Ukraine – This is the life of many generations of Ukrainians, this is history in constant struggle, this is the present and future of this country.

Thanks to the advertisement of the STARTER company, the exhibition was visited by the majority of Kiev residents and guests of our capital.