Exhibition in the style of “Hard art” by Lina Condes

The gallery of modern art M17 hosted an exhibition of the young artist Lina Condes. Her work is better known abroad than in Ukraine. But, thanks to the exhibition, many Kievites and guests of the city got acquainted with her art.

The STARTER company took an active part in the design and advertising of the exhibition. Banner advertising made by the company successfully emphasized and attracted the attention of citizens, inviting them to visit the exhibition.

Lina Condes, a new generation artist working in the style of “Hard Art”. Her works are modern, recognizable for their own style, promoting goodness and the life-affirming power of thought. In her paintings, Lina Condes raises the eternal theme of relationships between people, between a man and a woman.

Three components are clearly traced in the artist’s paintings – synthesis, approbation and analysis. Each picture of the artist is a certain stage in her life. She carries in herself her experiences, knowledge, spiritual sensations associated with a certain period of life.

The exhibition featured sculptures in the style of “Hard Art” art-video, which this year will delight foreign viewers with modern, Ukrainian art.

Advertising is the engine of progress and STARTER has contributed to the advertising of Lina Condes’ exhibition.