Babi Yar exhibition in the gallery of modern art M17

An exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the genocide of Ukrainian Jews was held in the gallery of modern art M17. Upon entering the gallery, visitors are greeted by a huge poster across the entire width and length of the wall. On a white canvas, the inscription “Babi Yar” stands out in clearly black letters. The advertising company “STARTER”, which was engaged in the design of the exhibition very successfully and most importantly, was appropriate, used all visual and printing techniques to give a sad solemnity.

The exhibition is framed in such a way that the gallery visitors follow the path that Jews, Gypsies, doctors and patients of the Kirillovskaya psychiatric clinic have traveled. The posters with the inscriptions of 1941 are striking. In which it is said that Jewish families had one night left on the Zbori on an unknown long road. The road is long for the rest of your life, the road to Babi Yar. Or rather, to the land of Babi Yar.

The exhibits and documentary documents of that time compress the heart and excite the soul. The exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the genocide leaves no one indifferent. Reading the names of the victims, from the fascist invaders, you mentally say goodbye to them. Taking a chestnut in your hands, you read a prayer to yourself, and put it on the ground. In 1941, the Kiev land was abundantly strewn with them.