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Hot offer for the upcoming New Year! When ordering desktop or wall calendars with a circulation of 100 or more, you will receive 1000 pocket calendars as a gift.

The calendar is an excellent corporate solution, as well as an original gift that will remind you of yourself throughout the year. Now, in the era of rapidly developing modern technology, we can say that the need for calendars is almost gone. And it’s true that each of us has mobile phones and computers and calendars do not carry any practical value. But this is only at first glance. Firstly, the calendar is an excellent corporate solution, on which you can place your logo, decorate with corporate colors and come up with some other ways to once again declare about your company. Secondly, it is a simple and original gift that reminds of itself for a whole year. You can always come up with an original design for your gift yourself. The STARTER company is engaged in the manufacture of calendars of all types, namely: tear-off calendars, calendars on napkins, magnet calendars, flip calendars and wall calendars. Our manager is always ready to advise you on the production of calendars, to select the required type of paper, type of printing, as well as sort by time.